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Elder Law Attorneys Helping with Medicaid Planning

Atty. Frew

Elder Law & Medicaid

Elder law involves a wide range of issues that affect us as we grow older. Our practice focuses on helping you plan for and pay for nursing home care and other long-term care options. Nursing home care costs an average of $8,469.00 per month in Michigan. If you or your loved one does not have the funds to pay this amount for very long, you should contact our office as soon as possible to discuss how to manage and preserve your remaining funds.

In order to qualify for Medicaid, you cannot have assets in excess of $2,000.00; however, you do NOT have to pay all of your excess funds to the nursing home to become eligible. A properly planned Medicaid spend-down can preserve your assets for your family while still qualifying for Medicaid, and our office can help.

Our office will also help you with completing and submitting the Medicaid application. While the 4-page application may appear short and simple, if not prepared and presented properly, your application will be denied. By the time you’ve resubmitted your application once or even twice, you have had to pay for two to three more months of nursing home care. This is why it pays to have a professional prepare and submit your application for you. Our office will make sure to properly address any potential divestment issues, inadequate or missing powers of attorney.

It is also important to know that if one spouse needs nursing home care, the healthy spouse can preserve significantly more assets than the $2,000.00 limit, but some careful planning is required.

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